I am ashamed. In the five and a half months since the day of my daughter’s birth, I’ve written nothing. This has got to change. And in answer to making that change, here is a first post. 

I hate first posts, by the way. It feels uncomfortable, that first post: the one that’s supposed to sum you up as an individual, before getting into the weird and everyday quirks more organically revealed by later posts with a less acute focus on the writer. 

But here we are, without further ado, that cliché initial quandary…Who am I?

I’m an old-souled so-called “Millennial”. But, like so many of my peers, I seek meaning beyond labels and stereotypes.  Like so many both within and beyond my immediate peer group, I see humanity paying the price for mankind’s disregard of humanity. And I seek to be a part of changing that.

I’m a new mom, as of this last July. I had a strong pregnancy, a fulfilling birth, and a healthy baby girl. (The full birth story will surely be an upcoming post.) My partner is a fantastic father, and we both strive to be just that: partners, equals in all areas, working together. Our daughter is the first and last thought in either of our minds each day.

I currently work in mental health in a residential setting. I’ve been doing this for 5 years now, and, while it never gets easy, it is the most rewarding (paid) job I’ve had. That being said, I don’t see it as my end-goal.

I’m working toward a career in birth services, with a midwifery degree as my long-term goal. While mental health has taught me so much and provided me a strong foundation for care work, I feel truly called to birth work. (Details on that, again, will surely be the topic of further writing.)

I live in a large house with lots of property–and lots of animals. Inside, we have 3 cats and 3 dogs of our own, plus the roommates’ pets. Outside, we have a sow named Bellatrix, two doe goats, one buck, and one kid. Plus twenty-something chickens. 

We share our home with my partner’s sister, niece, and mother, as well as two of my best friends and their son. Like I said, it’s a big house. 

In my “spare” time (ha!), I read, write, do yoga, knit, go running, garden, cook extravagant goodies, daydream about owning a Harry Potter-themed coffee/book/bake-shop with my bestie, and hide behind a camera lens. (I swear, I’m not the old lady I sound like.) 

It’s a quiet life, but I wouldn’t trade it. 


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