So, between the car accident, several busy days of dealing with the aftermath of said accident, what I suspect is an impending growth spurt and cognitive jump–oh, and possibly a pair of new teeth coming in…we’ve started cluster-feeding again. With gusto.

This girl has literally been latched and nursing all night for over a week. She drains one breast, cries until I switch sides, and drains the other side while she waits for the first side to refill. During the day, she spends a good 60-70% of the day latched. And most of the rest of that time, she’s stuck to me like glue. 

I hit a point about half-way through last week where I desperately needed a break. I was touched out, tired from constant wake-ups through the nights, hadn’t been able to shower in several days…I was not at my Mommy Best. The Mr even tried to take Beasty off my hands for a few hours, but she wouldn’t have it. She just wants and needs me right now. 

I had a bit of a melt-down over all of it on Wednesday. I had gone out to my totaled car to clean it out, was re-confronted with the memory of the accident, and there were too many similarities that afternoon to the night of the accident. Beasty was crying inconsolably. I was running late. I felt flustered as I tried to determine what needed to come out of the vehicle and what was not worth it. I left a lot behind. 

I ended up being late for the doctor appointment (Beasty is growing right on track, hitting milestones either as expected or ahead of time, btw. Proud mama right here.) I had to pee like crazy the whole appointment. I ended up being late to pick up the Mr. And by the time I got to his office, I was in tears. 

As he came and took over driving (especially after the accident, I much prefer the passenger seat), I had the full Mommy Meltdown I’d been putting off for longer than I care to admit. 

They happen, from time to time, the meltdowns. They’ve happened for longer than I’ve been a mom, longer than I’ve been an adult, longer, really, than I can remember. I reach a point where I’ve lost sight of the big picture just trying to get through each day (hello Anxiety, hello Depression, in the flesh). And it all crashes down, at least in my mind, around me. Sometimes there’s a migraine, sometimes it’s just a fog of excessive energy and emotion. I get through it, and I have some clarity about what I missed and how to do better moving forward. It’s easy to see on this side of it, impossible for me to recognize how to stop it when the ship is on its way down. 

And on this side of the meltdown, I find myself determined to do better, to fight against the chaos and clutter in my mind with new tools.

This time, I’m working on calling myself out when I see a behavior that’s a product of anxiety or depression: I call out the behavior (one of my big ones, for example: avoiding making phone calls), find some way to alleviate the anxiety (maybe giving myself 10 minutes to read while Beasty nurses, or walk myself through the phone call, something that brings me into a calmer space), and then I do whatever it is that the behavior was avoiding or affecting (you know, making the stupid phone call). I’m trying hard to catch myself in the act, to make sense of my less-reasonable behaviors and redirect them. 

I hope I can be a good example for my Beasty. She deserves a strong woman as a mother and role model. 


2 thoughts on “Cluster-feeding Cluster-f**k: Mommy’s Cluster-fed up!

  1. Love how you keep it real. ❤️ Being a mommy is not all Sunshine and roses. It’s a lot of work, with little rest, but it is so rewarding. Your daughter is very fortunate to have you as her mama.
    You’ve been through a lot in a short time. Definitely find ways to meditate and calm so you can recharge. Stress can rob us from what little energy we have left after a long day and sleep deprived night. It’s hard to care for others when we don’t have enough energy for ourselves.

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